What We Do

MMA Fight Flights develops experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life! Our signature trip is to Thailand,  where you will absorb the Thai culture and train in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts! All of the trips are designed for men and women, absolute beginners and advanced athletes. All training is geared toward individual skill and fitness levels.

Just imagine waking up to beautiful tropical weather; eating delicious, healthy, authentic foods; getting in shape by training in Muay Thai and MMA; spending your days at remote white sand beaches with beautiful turquoise blue water; and trekking up the limestone cliffs that overlook the Andaman Sea.

Whether you spend ten days or three weeks on a Fight Flights trip, you will have an amazing experience. You will leave in the best shape of your life with a renewed sense of energy and a different perspective on life!

Your Fight Flights team allows you to maximize your experience by taking away all the uncertainty, stress, and unknowns of traveling abroad. A Fight Flights trip is a worry-free experience! Our experts will oversee every aspect of your trip. Remember, your safety and security is their number-one concern.

MMA Fight Flights has also created strong relationships with the Muay Thai training camps in Phuket, Thailand.  After assessing your particular goals, fitness levels and experience we will make sure you are training at the most suitable facility.  All camps in Thailand are different and have distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Some camps are designed for complete beginners, some for intermediate/advanced, some with a strong focus on MMA and some that are more focused on fitness.   We take all the guesswork out of it.

The time is now to change the course of your life, to live an adventure, learn about a new culture, create memories you will have for a lifetime, and get into the best shape of your life. Life is too short  —  Do it now!

Our Services

  • Complete checklist and timeline of everything you will need to do before your departure
  • Complete checklist of everything you will need to bring
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport
  • Assistance with money exchange
  • Assistance with check-in
  • A safe box for valuables
  • Overview of the customized experience manual
  • Overview of the Thai customs
  • Tour of the local area and places to eat, shop, get a massage, rent scooters
  • Provision of a training camp that fits your experience and fitness level
  • Day trips to local beaches, lookout points, waterfalls, temples, and markets
  • An excursion for snorkeling at the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands
  • Use of a local cell phone for calling your tour guide, ordering a taxi, or calling home
  • A “Certificate of Completion” as a keepsake

So What Happens after You Book Your Trip?

Once you’ve booked your trip, you will receive an e-mail with the password to the Fighter Center login page. Then you can log in and download the PDF documents regarding the trip and watch the short videos. Be sure to read all pre-departure information. If you don’t receive your login for your Fighter Center login page, call or send an e-mail. You can speak with a Fight Flights team member on the phone or face-to-face using Skype at any time throughout your preparations. You will also receive regular information by e-mail regarding your tour and destination.