Arrival Day

Upon your arrival in Phuket, you will be picked up at the airport and taken to your bungalow for check in. The first planned activity is the evening welcome reception, followed by a tour of the training facility and local area.

Typical Day – Monday through Friday

Remember this is your experience! You can customize your training schedule to your physical ability, energy levels, and interest. You can train up to two times per day, plus yoga and running which can be a lot even for the most extreme athlete. You will probably want to begin training with yoga at 7:00 a.m. to get a good stretch and at 8:00 a.m. go into the Muay Thai or MMA morning training program until about 10:30 or 11:00 when you can return to your bungalow, shower, and get breakfast. Then you will have free time until 3:30.

At 3:30pm to 4:00 p.m. you have another optional running program and Muay Thai training starts at 4:00 and continues until 6:30 p.m. After that is free time.

After a few days, you may want to increase your training to twice per day so you can get the maximum benefit, but it is not required. Listen to your body and only train as much as you can handle. It is important to have an enjoyable experience.

Options for Use of Your Afternoon Free Time

Your free time is just that — your time. However, there will be a variety of group activities throughout the week that you may want to join.

You can rent a motor scooter and cruise the island, go to the Promthep Cape, shopping malls, local markets, or visit any of the beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and lookout points.

Other options are relaxing in your bungalow, reading, taking a nap, using the Internet, watching movies on TV, or hanging out with your new friends.

A great idea is to walk down the road to the local spa and hang out by the pool, go in the steam room, or get a massage. Thai massages are very inexpensive — about $10.00 (US) per hour.

Another option is to visit the Phuket fight store to buy really cheap Muay Thai and MMA apparel and gear. There are also a lot of sights to see when you are in Phuket that are all accessible with a motorbike. Some of them include visiting the “Big Buddha,” Wat Chalong, the Phuket Zoo, Phuket Aquarium, and the Promthep Cape. You can also go surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, bungee jumping, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Your Evening Free Time

You can visit the night markets, have dinner from a street vendor or at one of the various family-run restaurants, watch the sunset at one of the mountain lookout points, go to a movie, play pool, hang out with friends or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Of course, if you’re interested, the nightlife in Patong is exciting.

Saturday Beach Day

Saturday is typically a full training day, but frequently the morning training sessions are conducted at the beach! If that is not the case, we all go to the beach right after training. The beaches in Thailand are some of the most beautiful in the world! We will go swimming, play beach soccer, or just lie around and relax! Again, it is up to you! It’s your experience!

At the evening Muay Thai class on Saturday, you will learn about the Wai-Kru, a pre-match Muay Thai spiritual ceremony. The ceremony seals off the ring from outside influences and pays homage to gods, parents, teachers, loved ones, king, and country. You will want to experience this!

Sunday – Excursion Day

There are a variety of excursions you could take, such as elephant trekking, safaris and kayaking, but our group day trip is to the Phi Phi Islands, a magical place located in the middle of Andaman Sea to the east of Phuket. One of the Islands, Phi Phi Leh, is where the movie The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was filmed. These islands are home to some of the best scenery and snorkeling in the world.