Is Muay Thai training the best striking art for an MMA fighter?

Is Muay Thai training the best striking art for an MMA fighter?

No. Ninjitsu is.

Kidding. You probably hear that “it depends on the fighter, not the art”, which is true, but if you have two evenly matched opponents, Muay Thai offers some distinct advantages.

  • It’s efficient: No katas to memorize or special death touches to figure out.
  • The clinch: Mastering it opens up a world of takedowns, throws and paths to taking the fight to the ground or controlling while staying on your feet.
  • It’s versatile: It’s called “The art of eight limbs” for a reason. You have four more options than most stand up fighters and six more than Western boxers. You do the math.
  • Many issues you run into in Western boxing are nullified: For example, a short fighter can tuck his chin to defend against the blows of a taller boxer. There’s no hiding from the knees.

So of course, the individual practitioner makes a difference, but fighters that have Muay Thai training have seen proven success in sanctioned MMA fights. If you’re looking for some examples of guys that have put Muay Thai to the test in the ring, check out Terry Etim, Kenny Florian, Orlando Weit (for a UFC throwback) and more recently, Anderson Silva.

So you want to get started? What better place than a Muay Thai training camp in the motherland of Thailand itself?