MMA Fight Flights Guest Testimonial: Chris Snyder, U.S. Army Training Muay Thai in Thailand

Chris Snyder with the U.S. Army joined us last fall for his first MMA Fight Flights experience. Having never been to Thailand before and never trained Muay Thai or any martial arts, he had the time of his life. He was able to experience the Thai culture, live an adventure, learn the martial art of Muay Thai, get in great shape and meet people from all over the world. So…what are YOU waiting for? Don’t take my word for it, watch Chris’s video below:

What is the big deal about Training Muay Thai in Thailand?

So you were next to the lockers today, listening to Mike and Chad, comparing stories about training in Phuket. Sure, it sounded amazing, but seriously, what’s the big deal about training Muay Thai in Thailand? You could get the same results by taking a couple Muay Thai or MMA privates over a few months, right?

Take a look at your hometown. Do TV channels in your city broadcast Muay Thai fights every day? How many people in your gym have been training Muay Thai since the age of five? Is there anywhere you can get away from the “distractions” of your life to focus on training? Will you be able to get away from the draw backs of Western life (diet, distractions of technology, a sedentary lifestyle)? Is there anywhere you can train eight hours a day?

I didn’t think so. Train in Thailand and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll walk away with…

…a deeper understanding of Muay Thai

…a faster, cleaner, more technical game

…better dietary habits and the tools to continue them once you get home

…increased overall health

…relationships with fighters from all over the world

Let’s be straight up. There are some aspects of your game that you can only develop with intense focus and isolation. Come to Thailand to train and find out how far you can go.


Muay Thai Training in Thailand: Do you have to be in great shape or have experience?

They all look like they’re in WAY better shape than you, don’t they? You know who I mean…the Muay Thai fighters you see training in Thailand.

Not gonna lie…a lot of them are. BUT…that doesn’t mean that we can’t customize a program specifically for you. We have programs that work for beginners (and that means a complete beginner, not just new to Muay Thai) to advanced fighters that are already incredibly conditioned with a strong background in training. Everyone will be challenged, everyone will make leaps and bounds toward their personal best regardless of their starting point.

Muay Thai is a total body discipline and you need to be at your best the entire time you’re in the ring…so you won’t just be learning technique, you’ll be focusing on maximizing your personal conditioning, speed and skill through activities like running, shadowboxing, resistance training and a healthy diet of delicious, native Thai food.

Long story short, you don’t have to be in amazing shape to train at a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand, but whatever shape you want to be in, we can get you there. Wanna know how? Click away…


Is Muay Thai training the best striking art for an MMA fighter?

Is Muay Thai training the best striking art for an MMA fighter?

No. Ninjitsu is.

Kidding. You probably hear that “it depends on the fighter, not the art”, which is true, but if you have two evenly matched opponents, Muay Thai offers some distinct advantages.

  • It’s efficient: No katas to memorize or special death touches to figure out.
  • The clinch: Mastering it opens up a world of takedowns, throws and paths to taking the fight to the ground or controlling while staying on your feet.
  • It’s versatile: It’s called “The art of eight limbs” for a reason. You have four more options than most stand up fighters and six more than Western boxers. You do the math.
  • Many issues you run into in Western boxing are nullified: For example, a short fighter can tuck his chin to defend against the blows of a taller boxer. There’s no hiding from the knees.

So of course, the individual practitioner makes a difference, but fighters that have Muay Thai training have seen proven success in sanctioned MMA fights. If you’re looking for some examples of guys that have put Muay Thai to the test in the ring, check out Terry Etim, Kenny Florian, Orlando Weit (for a UFC throwback) and more recently, Anderson Silva.

So you want to get started? What better place than a Muay Thai training camp in the motherland of Thailand itself?